Colorping is a very ancient form of painting, something that even the most good painter knew. But now we can clearly see how this technique was used. Gwyneth Paltrow was interested in painting back then and she studied art for a long time. She eventually decided she wanted to mark the walls with strokes of different colors and to mix them and match them. Paltrow eventually chose a three-color scheme and she began to use this technique.

When asked about the technique that allowed her to paint without leaving lines or holes, Paltrow said that it was a process of combining swatches with paints and then adding layers until the result was the right one. Some paint was added at first and then the colors were added. By the time the paint was dry, the swatches were no longer visible and the marks of the strokes were no longer black.

Those for know the technique and only found it after painting. Well, it sounds simple enough. There’s always this way of doing it and it’s called color painting. The technique is very simple. The client only sees the color that’s there and this way he can analyze it and he can make an idea of how it should be. Paltrow is using the swatches as a canvas and he is free to use any kind of paint that you want. You can create some really interesting designs. You can place a cup on your work surface for example and then use a yellow cup to bring a different color into the room.{found on houseofturquoise}.