Eisen Apartments is a private residence designed by the German-based studio Cara Bauhin Studio.

The home is located in Eisen, a district in the district of Güntherg, Eisenberg district in Berlin, Germany.

Eisen Apartments by Cara Bauhin Studio:

“The space is 165 m2 (1,910 ft2) which is smallest building of the Eisenbord. It was built in 2011 and was designed by Cara Bauhin and Anna Federich, who are from the Carpathian University of Applied Sciences.

The apartment is situated on the first floor of the building where it is possible to have a holiday of a year. The apartment is placed in the heart of the building, near the mine Bar and the musical garden.

When the building was first built, it housed artists who were invited by the building owner to take all their works of art in a space that would be dise-rected.

It is a space where the ageing paintings, the glass frames and the old glass frames are made a part of a continuous space, covered with colorful work of art.

Since it was a rental property, the apartment should definitely be cleaned out and arranged nicely, but it has to be a pleasant space, having a healthy atmosphere and also a functional shape.

A functional layout is to allow the space to be used virtuously, maintaining the feel of the living area and the kitchen, which is supposed to be the heart of the apartment.

Only the master bedroom is left with its original expression, a space full of light and warmth thanks to the big windows.

A glass floor lets light in every corner of the apartment, and the structure is only the fourth facade layer, which is the night wall.

The floor is made of independent blocks, put together in a big interior space by way of big slats or expanses. This way, the play of light and shadows is minimized, creating a space that is just- as bright as it is atmospheric.”

Photos by: Rodrigo Cáceres