Living in loft or house is something that both of you have to endure in order to achieve some stability and happiness. With ample space, mind and soul, the old and the new find space to blend together and embrace the harmonious cosmic infinity. Designed by Berry Mae Waller Architects, the following interiors are a representative of how the facade, the interior, colors and materials stand for the balance that exists between the two.

In order to achieve an open and spacious living room, the interiors are embellished with the values of the client’s personality and lifestyle. Being aware of the fact that most/all of the people in the neighborhood live in apartments, the designers tried to bring out the original charm of the apartments by composing artworks, pictures and other decorative items, and made shrubs resembling some trees.

Old Trunks Turned Into Modern Loft In San Francisco Photo 2

Therefore, the interior designers created a new and clean space, full of light and art, where they try to bring out the personality of its inhabitants. On the first floor, because of the space available, they create a balcony area where they wanted to show the owners some beautiful art, in a subtle, minimal style where texture meets style.

Old Trunks Turned Into Modern Loft In San Francisco Photo 3

The second floor, in a space that was left empty, they used some small but elegant black lamps hanging from the ceiling, under the glass doors that allow us to catch a glimpse of the black and white paintings made by the owner and his friends during the day time, and a modern sculpture holding the square light placed in the dining room, where the chandelier hanging from the ceiling makes the perfect addition.

The dining room, made in black and white, is continued with the kitchen, in a modern manner, and the dining room is made in a small space in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom.