This is a beautiful collection of eclectic bathroom furniture that features many different and beautiful designs. This is the Garden Oasis bathroom collection. It features beautiful antique furniture with beautiful details. It’s composed of washbasin, storage space, wall-mounted mirror and two different trunk-like mirrors. These pieces have simple designs with stylish details carved into their surface. They have a beautiful antique-chic allure and they feature stylish details carved into their surface.

The pieces from this collection feature contrasting colors. One of them is quite bold and colorful and it features purple Neo Sardo stone. It’s a rare example of antique stone that features a very rich pattern. The purple tone would look very beautiful in combination with red or brown marble. For a chic and stylish touch, the combination of purple and white is a very successful one.

This is a very stylish bathroom collection. It features very beautiful antique accessories, very beautiful antique furniture and stylish decorative elements. The colors are chosen perfectly to complement the décor. This collection would look very beautiful in a matching bathroom. It’s a very rare combination of colors, especially when it comes to antique elements. Some people might not like this color but it’s not a common option either. It’s a popular choice when it comes to interior designs. It’s a very beautiful and somewhat exaggerated, but still a great accent element.