When trying to decide on the ideal color scheme for your new baby let yourself be overwhelmed by the overwhelming pressures of the first few months. The emotional, physical, economic, and cultural pressures are overwhelming and even if you decide to choose a fun, vibrant color scheme it’ll still be in the future of your baby. Pink is for the future. Here are some quick tips on how to pick the perfect pink color scheme for your new arrival!

1. Volt Red.

Pink Baby Room Design Ideas With Classic Flair Photo 2

It’s chiseled, bold and perfect for the Victorian home. Volt Red is close in coloring to orange but still very pearly in pink spirit. It’s a great choice for the baby girl’s room or even the nursery.

2. Serene Blue.

Pink Baby Room Design Ideas With Classic Flair Photo 4

A pale shade of blue is perfect for a baby girl’s room. It’s relaxing, yet soft enough not to overindulgent. This color works well when paired with natural colors but also with bold patterns.

3. Coffee Green.

This light shade of green is very girly and delicate. It looks great sumptuous against the bold pistachio green and cheery yellow.

4. Vintage Brass.

Clean and fresh, a petite shade of pink can add charm and femininity to a room. It’s also great in small doses giving the illusion of a higher ceiling.

5. Delicate Rose.

If you love vintage, delicate pink you’ve found the perfect place for. The color is a great fit for a variety of fabrics, including satin.

6. Light Peach.

For a light, airy floral pattern, try out pink furniture. It’ll be muted enough to stand on the floor among cushions and soft colors will make the space look very luxurious.

7. Mango.

A great way to use this cheerful pink shade, mix it with patterns like slipper stripes or chevron stripes. It will give you a funky inspiration for the space you pick out.

8. Oatmeal.

This neutral shade is perfection when it comes to blending two different personality genres. Wear it on the furniture, like this light and airy bedroom with a royal tone.

10. Cherry Blossom.

Feminine and cozy, cherry blossom accents will breathe life into every nook and cranny of your home. And add the oriental touch with some dainty, delicate curtains.

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