Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Pink Kitchens From Egean Orona

When you are a little girl you are surrounded by pink toys and pink clothes. At least in my case this is my dream. However, when you grow up you will become more mature and start to realize that pink […]

Cool Paint Designs To Try Out This Year

You’re probably getting ready to decorate your home with some cool paint colors this year. The deadline is always close and we all need to get organized but it’s not always fun. Let’s see how we can make the whole […]

Attic Room Ideas With Serene Feel

Having a home office or a separate space just off the bedroom is actually not unheard of. It’s a great way to save some money, to work from home and to also be able to focus better on the things […]

Sunken Living Rooms With A Nordic Theme

Nordic homes are usually characterized by elements such as white walls, clean and simple flooring and the use of functional and practical furniture. They are all very bright and airy and there’s no need for a lot of accessories. It’s […]

Light Grey Bedroom Design Ideas

Your bedroom should be your peaceful retreat, a place where you can be yourself. Without any doubt, a bedroom should be serene and made of light colour, with enough natural light and ventilation. Since it is said that the bedroom […]