I’m sure you’re all looking forward to spending more time outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. It’s time to start getting ready for that and that means taking the sunroom out of the bedroom or living room and planning a new layout. Take a look at this collection of sunroom images from the etsy store and maybe you’ll get some ideas for your own living room.

The sunroom is usually a smaller room so it might be the perfect place for a comfy armchair and a small side table. If it’s too small you can add an extra shelf or maybe a room divider in order to open up the room. You can use the space under the window for storage as well. This one, for example, is very small and it only has two small shelves. It’s a lovely idea if you only have a small living room.

If you prefer larger sunrooms, then perhaps you should consider a double one. The room can either be a sitting area or a sleeping area and you can have both done at the same time. Also, since it’s inside the bedroom, you can improvise and create a work/play area in the corner or near the door. This particular sunroom also has a gallery.

Sunroom Images From The Etsy Store Photo 3

If you have an attic then you can use the roof as a roof. It can be a fun idea if you are lucky enough to have a roofy living room. The beams that support the ceiling can be painted on the ceiling or they can have a plain white color and the rest can be covered with patterned wallpaper or painted tubs and cushions.

The sunroom is really cozy and inviting. It might be small but it sure looks like a huge family room. It’s decorated with plated wooden furniture, decorated with area rugs, cushions and Oriental art. There’s also a big convex mirror hanging on one of the walls. It looks quite old but it’s actually new.

This room is part of an interior space. It’s like the entrance to the house. There’s even an ottoman which can serve as a bench or as a miniature footstool. The room also includes a desk placed in front of the window and two chairs facing the courtyard. It’s a very bright room with a large window and a large chandelier hanging above it.

This room is part of the master bedroom. It’s an area which has direct access to the dressing room and the bathroom. It has carpet on the floor and a stylish chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The dark blue walls are a great source of contrast in combination with the white ceiling and the white beams.

If you decide to turn the attic into a lovely little kitchen, you can have all the storage and working space you need. A small table and a chair can serve as a kitchen island and you can also have some storage under the top. Open shelves are great for showing off small items.

This attic living room can be a very relaxing and inviting space. The chandelier is one of the most eye-catching elements. Also, the white walls and wooden floor create a very relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Keep things simple and use neutral colors, like black and white. If you want the living room to feel like an inviting and comfortable space to entertain guests, then use warm colors.

A traditional living room setting.

If you want the whole space to be harmonious and cozier than anything else, then create yourself a white background. Use pastel shades and build the visual structure with minimalist furniture and decorations.