Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Midcentury Living Room Design

This cozy living room is midcentury modern. We’re talking about the sliding glass doors, the beautiful round table, the chairs, the fabrics and the bookshelves. The wood floors are also beautiful. Midcentury living rooms are also easy to decorate. They […]

Sunroom Images From The Etsy Store

I’m sure you’re all looking forward to spending more time outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. It’s time to start getting ready for that and that means taking the sunroom out of the bedroom or living room and planning a […]

Ikea Like Furniture Collection

If you’re looking for a unique and unusual furniture collection to display in your home, like the Ikea Kallax, make your pick: the Kallax. It’s a collection of furniture pieces, which are basically shelving units that are very similar to […]

Small Trestle Table Made Of Oak

I don’t know why, but most people prefer to purchase their furniture rather than make their own furniture or to make it themselves. It’s more convenient and easier to find the perfect piece of furniture and the one that fits […]