Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Wood Slab Vanity Desk By Arthur Analts

Even though there are a lot of modern furniture pieces that are basically identical or very similar, designer Arthur Analts found a way to make this vanity desk stand out. He managed to create a very unique piece of furniture […]

Light Couch For Small Spaces

If you’re currently living in a small space, I hope you’re noticed. A small space has the potential to inflict pain but the solutions are numerous. In this case, a solution is to give up the idea of decorating the […]

Small Nesting Tables By Nobuhiro Teshima

Japanese designer Nobuhiro Teshima created these small nesting tables, which can be stored on a wall, and always remember where you have placed them. The tables are made of aluminum with polyester backing covered with elastic fabric. The outer shell […]

Guest Room Furniture Designed By Inglis

Use your guest room furniture to create a unique and personalized space. This furniture comes from Inglis and it is made based on sustainable materials and processes. The Inglis Guests Bedroom Set is perfect for creating cozy bedrooms. Each piece […]

Circular Bed From Urbanoutfitings

You’re probably familiar with the concept of the futon bed. It’s one of the most popular types of beds. It’s a large bed that sits on a modular platform or stands on raised platforms often enough to be ideal for […]