From the word “safe” to “elegant” that often gets applied to certain projects, roof houses have lately started to gain influence over the owners’ home and sometimes their entire house. This project, in all seriousness, is by Johnsen Schmaling Architects, and is one of the first roof house that has been built by roof house construction.

Located in Roseau, Wisconsin, the modern house stands at the top of a gentle slope, fitting the lot so well that it almost appears to be a part of the landscape with its slightly curving roofline. Built for a family of five, the house has a total square footage of 4,700 square feet, which of course will grow as time permits and is sure to surpass its owners’ luxury desires.

A Frame Roofs House By Johnsen Schmaling Architects Photo 2

Thanks to its hugely open nature, the roof of the house is the ultimate gathering place around the house, with access to all of the main public and social spaces. The living room, kitchen, and dining room all fit perfectly into a wide open space that angles out towards the garden, which is intended to be enjoyed by the entire family.

The clean, easily modern decor of the house is enhanced by the concrete floors that are the result of a rebarinated wood floor that was strategically placed in the backyard, giving it a natural look and feel.