Located in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Casa Mach — as it is called in Spanish—is a carefully designed structure built inside a very well designed cubic mass. The main goal in the design process was to create something that fits the natural world around it, making it a part of the building instead of completely separate and owning the house as a singular monument.

The facade of the house is entirely made of concrete, which is actually a much more durability and long-lasting material than mostly hardwood or tile. Besides being more durable and long-lasting, the material also allows the creation of greater distances between the inner home and the exterior connecting points of the home, making it feel much less big and imposing on the eye.

Swimming Pool Inside A Concrete House In Mallorca Photo 2

The direction of the decorative beams is located strategically in order to illuminate certain rooms and create metering outlines within the home. At the front, the building gets hit with a fantastic light show from certain rooms just beyond the gorgeous windows, while at the rear, it is protected from prying eyes and the sight of passing cars by creating a more cloak-like atmosphere.

The actual nature of the material that was used to build this magnificent home is evident as soon as you enter the ground floor. The gray-brown twisted concrete creates a unique silhouette atop the angularly shaped roof, looking more like a sinister space device than a necessary part of the structure.

The structure itself is divided into two distinct wings that sit at slightly different heights above the ground. Because of this, it looks as though the lower floor is partially below ground level, hidden from the lawn.

The front half of the house is covered by a concrete slab which keeps rain out, alleviating the need for a sprinkler.

The home sits on a small lot, which made for some unique decor choices. A low, overhanging roof protects the main portion of the structure from the elements.

While most of the exterior is covered in concrete, the side of the building that faces the street is surrounded in a tiled terrace of sorts, nearly reaching the grassy ground. Because of this, people in the neighborhood have the liberty of bringing their lawn up to the building heights as they please.

The interior of the home is arranged along a central hallway. Unlike many homes in the cities of Europe, this home features an open floor plan, which was common among older European homes.

This home includes the areas of an open floor plan and an inner court, which were common in the older buildings.

The structure of the home is a number of space-saving solutions, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a sloping ceiling that uses lighting as a trick to expand the sense of space.

When the doors of the house are wide open, an interior corridor disappears thanks to the clever roof design.

The interior court can be accessed from the side of the building or through the center. Its role is to bring light deep into the interior of the house, but also to help with ventilation and airflow.

The entrance hall is framed by a tall wall with sloping ceilings, which keeps the place feeling small and dark.

This home also has an exterior court, but this time it’s built around the building like an extension. It has a score of about 3,700 square-feet, which includes a garage, a storage area, a sauna, and even a hot-water room.

Surrounded by a street of houses that may or may not include swimming pools, this residence has its own style of simplicity and sophistication.

This minimalist house has large windows for fresh air and sunny moments, with wooden floors and a deck made out of the concrete and glass exterior.

This property is contemporary with a hint of industrial in its architecture, decorated with elegant furniture of neutral color. A large swimming pool falls just below a wooden deck, providing a large and comfortable space to relax.

This penthouse is generously furnished with style and elegance, and it has an envelope of flexible space around it that influences how the house feels once you’re inside.

From its impressive exterior to its cozy interior and its various domestic features, this home has it all. It’s right in the heart of downtown Montreal, very close to the Lachine Canal, and only a short radius of the Villeray Park West.