Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Office Bedroom Ideas From The 2010 Collection

Modern and colorful bedrooms have always been attractive and beautiful. However, those which had a remote location in the room were considered less important. They used to be more secluded, dark and less functional. But not anymore. Piet Hein Eek […]

Neon Room Ideas

Neon lights have always been intriguing. They have shown us images of ships that have been built with neon inside and that have incorporated light bulbs into their designs. There are also interesting-looking spaces that have illuminated walls that have […]

Two Coloured Walls Take Over From The Main Facade

What’s called a “two-colour” wall is a techniqueologie designed specifically to highlight a single hue, creating an accent wall on which to display beautiful and contrasting paintings. The project was developed by David Benjamin, Ines Kohn, and China’s Liu Zhang […]

Industrial Style Home In England

This unique construction is located in an area of England where the ground descends as a natural cliff. In total, this building covers an area of ?480 square meters. Special caution, due to the fact that the permitted construction date […]

Chic Home Office Decorating Ideas

Unlike the typical office interior design, a home office needs to be as organized and functional as possible. It’s why it would be best to opt for a unique design. Some office decorating ideas would be fun to try include […]

Long Corner Shelves By Nichiz Expo

From one to three-person work are very appreciated. Although you may think that you cannot use it properly because of the space available in the house, the most efficient way to use the space for work is to form long […]

Ikea Bedroom Design Ideas

We decided to present you some pictures of our Ikea bedroom design ideas. The bedroom should be the perfect place to relax, with everything you need in one place. The furniture needs to be simple and yet comfortable. Also, the […]