This unique construction is located in an area of England where the ground descends as a natural cliff. In total, this building covers an area of ?480 square meters.

Special caution, due to the fact that the permitted construction date was only 120 years old, was taken in order to prevent any further deterioration. Despite this, the building is now furnished with 90 square meters of living space and a beautiful fireplace. All the spaces in the home have been arranged around the light-filled central courtyard, which is appreciated at the level of any space, both in terms of views and lighting.

Industrial Style Home In England Photo 2

One of the most spectacular areas of the house is the staircase, which has been moved from the original spot to a new location that takes full advantage of the space and the views of the ground floor. Here, a glass cylinder suspended from the ceiling is supported by metal pillars.

Industrial Style Home In England Photo 3

On the ground floor, a space is completely open thanks to the installation of big, floor-to-ceiling windows, which allows the home to be filled with natural light without any boundaries.