Modern and colorful bedrooms have always been attractive and beautiful. However, those which had a remote location in the room were considered less important. They used to be more secluded, dark and less functional. But not anymore. Piet Hein Eek is a Swedish designer who took the shape of a big tree and created an interesting bedroom for a small bedroom from 2010. As you can see, most of the bedroom is white. This also created the opportunity for some color and contrasts to be created.

The bedroom has a white floor, white walls, white ceilings and white bedding. Most of the walls have also been painted white. However, there is a strong blue wall, a small colorful contrasting sofa and a new rug which are both complementary to the white floor and white walls. The combination of colors and the way they combine is very interesting and original. In most of the rooms the strong tones of blue used for the rugs and the white elements are combined with the images of clouds.

There is also a strong color contrast between the white floor and the walls that have also been painted white or smaller shades of blue. The bedroom is a more quiet area, with light interior décor and a relaxing atmosphere.