Since the bedroom is a room that doesn’t have any direct exposure to external elements, it’s crucial to create a relaxing and comfortable environment. For that, a chandelier is an item that would do wonderful in this case. This is the bedroom of interior designer Maison Valentina. It’s a bright bedroom with a minimalist décor and a very stylish interior.

As you can see, the bedroom is very airy and bright. It features simple but bold and colorful wall décor and striking details in the form of lamps, decorative items, etc. In a way, it’s like a home theater but not in the way you feel when you’re watching a movie. The chandelier hanging above the bed is a very beautiful detail. It’s the perfect decoration for this room. It creates a very warm and relaxing atmosphere and it brightens up the atmosphere.

Bedroom Chandelier Ideas From Maison Valentina Photo 2

The bedroom is very large but it doesn’t seem cluttered at all. It’s probably because the overall décor is simple, airy and relaxing. The color palette has also been kept the same. It includes colors such as white, grey, brown and black with just a few touches of orange, black or a few yellow or green accents. It’s the perfect combination. I particularly like the way the designer managed to use contrasting colors without interfering with the harmony. He gave the bedroom a nice balance by using black and white for the black lampshade and black and white for the other one.

Bedroom Chandelier Ideas From Maison Valentina Photo 3

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