Founded in 1994 by Frisco Delvina, Dominique Frisco is an Italian company that has created a modern public perception regarding its furnishings and its products. Among its most impressive works of art is the “Sance,” a proud stand with a colorful effect because of the contrast between the vitrine and marble.

I’m sure you all know this furniture piece. It’s a combination of office furniture and street art. Inspired by the way he decorated his home, Daniel Farman proposes a new and original furniture and industrial approach for his company.The stand is designed to hold both office furniture as well as street art. Artists and designers such as Olafuera, Olafuera Mellas, Vicente Folia, Antonio Piva, Vico Magistretta, Cristina Gloverari, Manuela Faivahs of Blue Forest created the pieces of furniture.

Honestly speaking about street art I don’t know what these guys did there, but that’s the cool thing about them. They brought the street art theme to another level. Inspired by the infamous “tali noem”, the stand features simple images of street art, using the color White and the sticky material paint on things like ceramics, pavement and wood. In some cases the artist did not use paint, just canvas, but fabric glued things that were carefully painted by professional artists and that have been exposed for daring results.{found on inhabitat}.