Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Rectangular Floor Tile By Marimekko

If you love tiles that tell your own story without yourself, than you must take a look at this beautiful and unusual floor tile by Marimekko. I personally like tiles that tell a strong and important story and I find […]

Black Striped Rug

Rugs are beautiful accessories that can add a spark to your décor. They are also great to have around as they are both functional and stylish. A black and white striped rug would look beautiful in any room of the […]

Outside Shoe Rack

A well-organized home is perfect for a comfortable and aesthetically attractive living room.Let’s take for example this extraordinarily spacious living room designed by John Maniscalco architects.It’s all centered around a massive room on two levels.The top level is a gallery-style […]

Deer Horn Decor For The Patio

It’s always fun to check out new designs or to find something interesting to look at. So here’s a really cool idea for your patio: have fun decorating your home. You can see for yourself how beautiful a particular space […]

Pumpkin Painting Designs And Ideas

Pumpkins are a recurrent symbol used throughout the home. It’s as if nothing else comes to mind and the attention completely ignores this detail. We all have at least one pumpkin in our house, or at least that’s what we […]

Modern Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Grey is a powerful color and it can be harsh but it’s also soothing. It can be bland and boring when it’s contained within the same context as white and it can also be dynamic and bold if it’s not […]

Cottage In Forest Near Breda, Italy

This impressive construction is located near Breda, Italy, far away from the popular tourist train route Breda and connecting the modest small town. Designed by Angelo Pozzoli Architetti, the house was built with fermentation in mind and was built for […]