This impressive construction is located near Breda, Italy, far away from the popular tourist train route Breda and connecting the modest small town. Designed by Angelo Pozzoli Architetti, the house was built with fermentation in mind and was built for a businessman and his family. The tavern was built to accommodate several guests at once and the result is an impressive 2,150 sq ft house with 4 double bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, plus stainless steel and glass cabins.

Just like the architecture itself, the house is simple and minimalist, allowing the architecture and the surroundings to speak for themselves.

The exterior cladding is steel-reinforced concrete placed vertical over steel bands.

The main volume is a double-height space with glass facades. It has a large kitchen, dining and living space organized around a fireplace. At the back, the lower level has smaller and more intimate social spaces organized around the media center and the lap pool.

All the wood used inside the house has a natural reddish color and it’s a warm and comforting accent color.

The roof of the house is an extension of the roof terrace, rising from the ground and forming large overhangs for the wooden decks and the terraces.

The interior is simple and cozy and full of light comes in through the large windows and the skylights.

The floor is wooden and, even though there’s not a lot of furniture in there, the rooms feel very comfortable and inviting. The large sofas are placed near the window with the TV and a simple round table for four is in the center. At the other end of the room is a fireplace with a matching armchair.

A craft room is strategically placed here and it functions as an extra room when needed. It’s a small and cozy space with a table and a shelving unit that offers it a private and intimate look.

The dining area is in the corner, free of unnecessary furniture, all except for the one on the table.

Since there’s no natural light this way, the design has to be adjusted. Nevertheless, the whole décor is very well balanced.The wall opposite to the glass doors is covered with horizontal wood panels.

They create a warm and cozy atmosphere and they also help with the overall interior design and décor.

The bedroom is quiet and relaxing. It has a single bed on one side of the room, nightstands built into the wall and a slanted ceiling. A skylight brings in light and views of the sky.

The bathroom is like an extension of the bedroom, featuring large mirrors and glass doors. The contrast between the grey wall and the white fixtures is very beautiful and refreshing.