This is a modern landscape and sub division in Spain, designed by Juma Architects. The combination of office and house was a project developed for a company located in Periscus, Spain. The structure covers a total area of 3,300 square meters and it was completed in 2011.

The modern design of the house and the location are definitely the main elements that define this project. It was designed with a large amount of intelligent features that allow it to be multi-functional and flexible. The building was literally divided into two volumes. These two volumes are connected by a glass bridge that goes over the main entrance, forming a garage. The interior and exterior walls and the ceilings are made of glass, creating a seamless transition between the spaces.

The garage has several interesting features built in this modern approach. They include a roof-top hot tub and two large sliding glass doors that lead out to the swimming pool area. The property also has a large arched entry with beautiful outdoor spaces and a very interesting staircase that connects the two floors. In addition to that, the owners can also enjoy a lounge bar, an open terrace and a large garden.

Modern Landscape And Sub Division In Spain Photo 3

Modern Landscape And Sub Division In Spain Photo 4