Modern and contemporary house are not new and yet they have come to be. This is the modern home of the architects, Karasinteriros Studios, and it is located in “Aroeira”, Portugal. It is a house made for the aging and semi-independent young people of Aroeira and it is located at the edge of the family’s territory, near the beach and the river “porçada”.

However, it is the perfect house for this location because it is a model of contemporary living and it has everything you might think of, both in terms of exterior design and interior décor. This building has three levels, but the structure of the house does not seem to be the same everywhere. On the one hand, there is the facade that seems to be seamlessly woven together with the surrounding yard, but on the other hand, there is an abundance of open space and dark matter that seems to dominate the whole house.

But even if it seems like the house is well-organized and beautiful, it actually has another side, more aggressive and less orderly. If we take a closer look, it becomes obvious that this house is made to surprise anyone, because the owner is a bit crazy when it comes to interior design and wants to introduce some new and original features. For example, the most remarkable feature in the house is the spiral staircase made of steel and wood that connects the floors in the basement and the third floor. It is amazing how the owner gets to bring up these crazy ideas and still stick with the things you like.