Located in Porto, Portugal, this modern and minimalist structure is a part of a complex belonging to the Jones family. This place was designed by Paulo Astrese, a young director of the design studio R3 Arquitetos. The construction of the house was completed in 2011.

The Jones residence sits on a 150 square meter area on the second floor of a modern building and it’s a very narrow structure with barely any natural light reaching it. This was a challenge for the architects. Since the house is located on a narrow and deep plot, they had to be creative and ingenious. They managed to create a highly creative design, simple but chic and practical. The house features a series of individual rooms with specific functions and decors. They are arranged around a central patio.

The living room and the kitchen are two different and connect into a single space. The dining area features a long table with a robust design. The rest of the spaces are organized around it. Even though the room was long and narrow, the area was also spacious. The colors used include white for the walls and ceilings and gray for the furniture. The chromatic palette chosen for the décor includes tones of brown and gold as well as natural wood.{found on archdaily}.

Teen Hangout Featuring A Minimalist Design And A White Backdrop Photo 3