This cozy pool house is located in Los Angeles, California. It’s a contemporary structure that was designed by Edward Suzuki Architecture. The pool house was meant to serve as a multipurpose structure. It can be used as a guest house as well as a private residence. It’s a very nice combination of functions. Since the pool was something the main attraction in the case of the design, the main feature that the client wanted was the design that allows it to express its youth.

The pool house is a contemporary structure that was built using both natural and frank materials. It’s a very lovely structure and it actually looks like a miniature house. It has a pool, a hot tub and a staircase and there are also spaces for exercising, relaxation and socialization. As for the colors used, the pool is in tone with the sky and the texture of the landscape. The exterior has been built using an alternating weave of straight and square planes that intersect and create beautiful visual effects.