Huts are created from waste, sweat and dust and they are usually used for farming, fishing, trekking, etc. However, those that create the shelters are not that creative anymore. Invention and development are still around and these companies are constantly coming up with new creations, according to the architects.

They created a series of shelters using different materials and in unique ways. They sought inspiration in the traditional Chinese architecture and they managed to reproduce that image using innovations and recycled materials. They’ve created bamboo roofs with insulated steel frames, mobile walls and flexible frames which allow the user to have a permanent link with nature and the surrounding environment without necessarily sacrificing privacy.

The shelters are extremely lightweight and they were created as a result of the client’s desire for a minimal footprint. They offer all of the necessary benefits but in a compact form so they’re ideal for rainy days and snowy winters. Pair these bamboo structures with comfortable chairs and you’ll get an inviting place to spend the winter.