People have always been fascinated by strange and amazing things and amazing places that impress with their partial view of the universe. For example the combination between electricity and water is more intriguing that you ever could think. That is why we have found this incredible bedroom designed by Marcia Prentice and Alice Dale. It is located in a luxury Vancouver Hills top floor and it is an amazing place which will surprise you with a fresh air, a wonderful view and a comfortable bed.

The design is perfect and the grey and white nuances dominate all the rooms. There is also a small terrace which will offer you a fresh air and a comfortable place.The pale blue wall with the white tree on it and the green light coming through a window and the green grass inside the house and the green sea which seems to unite itself into a perfect symbiosis .You may also admire the interesting and colorful paintings on the walls and the lovely light blue sofa.

Red Walls Bedroom By Marcia Prentice Photo 2

Everything makes you like this place and feel great even if you are not so many, but it gives you the impression that you find yourself in front of a magic land where you have discovered all sorts of beauties.

Red Walls Bedroom By Marcia Prentice Photo 3

Red Walls Bedroom By Marcia Prentice Photo 4