This contemporary style house is a 2005 project by Edward Suzuki Associates that’s located in Tokyo, Japan. It is a concrete structure with a minimalist design. It was designed as a second home for a couple in urban planning the area. The building was constructed on a triangular lot measuring 1365.47 square meters and it has a cube shape. It was designed as a long and narrow house with a minimalist look.

The clients requested a simple house with no unnecessary details or accessory structures. Although it’s a very simple home, it still has a few small details that help create a minimalist and chic interior décor. They are very practical and cleverly integrated into the design. The building has a simple steel frame and it’s entirely encased by glass. This way it establishes a strong connection with the outdoors and it allows the inhabitants to enjoy the views and the beautiful natural surroundings.

The house is organized around a central courtyard. It serves as a multifunctional space for the house and the family. The interior design of the house is very simple. It’s the space that defines the whole structure. It’stein granite and recycled wood used for the flooring and the white paint used for some of the walls. The private areas of the house such as the bedrooms, the baths and the living room are located on the first floor. They are opened to the outdoors and the views and the atmosphere seems very refreshing and quiet.