pool house plans are usually floating in the air, siting almost invisible on the surface of the water, waiting for us to find the perfect angle for launching into the water the rafts or the barges. But this plans are a little bit different. On one hand, they are floating in the middle of the pool, perfectly level with the edge of the water for launching into the water. On the other hand, they’re actually sitting in the middle of the pool, very close to the edge.

In between these two stands a structure made of reinforced glass which gives us the chance to see inside out, with what we see being the edge of the pool. And speaking of the pool itself, it’s a big structure made of two in order to allow us to see out into the pool area once we get up there. It’s definitely a BIG disadvantage. But perhaps it’s the upside that outweighs the pros. We always want to feel the water, to get sunbathing or just sit in the shade.