In this contemporary design by Sergio Pucci, the surface of the pool is covered with a fine trim of different materials – marble, concrete, wood, etc. – that give its design character and add a sense of formality to the pool. A perfect complement to the resort pool, the pool area around the pool was designed to merge with the landscape and allow for a permanent indoor-outdoor environment. Furthermore, adding one more element in the pool besides the pool is a wooden deck that connects with both the pool and house and features a sun deck.

One more element that connects the house and pool is the beautiful infinity pool situated between the front yard and the main house. To enjoy the view overlooking the Waikopua Bay and the surrounding landscape, one more courtyard is added to the home.

With the design, both the pool and the exterior living space enjoy the benefits of the pool’s surroundings.

Concrete Around Pools By Sergio Pucci Arquitetos Photo 3

With only one side of the water, the living area enjoys the benefits of the shallow pool as well as having the privacy it desires. In addition, the privacy of the home when mixing with the garden is further reinforced by the planted design.

Concrete Around Pools By Sergio Pucci Arquitetos Photo 4

From the front, the residence looks like a contemporary three-storey house built in a traditional style. However, behind the facade the action is less intense due to the extensive use of concrete and the use of water-efficient glass.

Concrete Around Pools By Sergio Pucci Arquitetos Photo 5

The design of the home allows the living area and the pool be treated as two very different areas. In order to create a more formal look, the living space is elevated and a beautiful fireplace is incorporated into the wall that also acts as a divider.

The kitchen is incorporated into a standalone enclosure finished in concrete. The dining space is on the second floor and above the living space is an outdoor lounge area. The back of the house offers incredible water views with the swimming pool on the smaller side.

The entire house is designed with a neutral color palette and natural materials. This is meant to create a relaxing, sophisticated and inviting atmosphere where family members can spend time together.