This is the house of bangkokitomo, a concept site that we have developed for our website. Basically, it’s just a blank box that we wrote all the words of a Zen house according to Shien Bu. This is the starting point for the architecture of the house itself.

The blank box is located in the center of the building, being the signal for unity and space. But in order to discover the Zen interior, one must also discover all the other areas, or otherwise the feeling of the house will be completely disorientated and overwhelming. On the other hand, the cave-like space, is what attracts people to the house, and this is also why it’s called the “Zen house”, reflecting the same concept.

The home was designed by Pedro Ribeiro Pérez, and it was created in 2012. It is located near Palma de Mallorca, in Spain, with a marvelous view over the surrounding mountains.

The swimming pool was also designed by this architect, and it creates a sensation of tranquility and relaxation, like when one is swimming in a clear spring.

It’s definitely a unique home, with a lot of unique details and decorations already. It’s one more picture that proves that dreams come true and that nothing is impossible.