When I first saw this house, I had the feeling that it was designed by someone with an industrial feel, because of the choice of materials and also because of the shape. Any way, the project was completed by ARQUI + TNA ARQUE, and is located in Granada, Portugal. Springtime, this house is the perfect place to come home after a long day of work, to relax after a long day of west, and to go home again, after a long day of work, in a place that is surrounded by nature.

It is the perfect place for having a quiet and relaxing afternoon with your own image and also for spending some quality time with your family, or having an intimate dinner. At the ground level there is the kitchen that is equipped with all the modern furniture needed for cooking, on the same level there is the living room with a peaceful atmosphere created by the natural light that enters this wonderful building.

The rest of the house is decorated in a same elegant style, a combination of wood and white interiors that prefer a minimal approach, the stone fireplace in the living room making it the perfect point where you can spend wonderful holidays.

Industrial Style Home In Portugal Photo 3

Industrial Style Home In Portugal Photo 4