In the middle of nature, surrounded by forest and with the blue sky, we can find a charming little house. It’s named the Wood House, a very appropriate name since the wood clearly shows its nature and gives it an acquired taste.The house was designed by Japanese practice Ozeki Architects and it was completed in 2012. It covers an area of only 80 square meters and it has a very unusual design.

The structure of the house is very simple. It has a rectangular floor plan and it’s been organized using timber logs along the length of the house. The architects wanted to make the house seem grounded into the forest and they managed to do that by using big amounts of wood and steel both inside and outside the house.

The house seems to be made of big pieces of wood that are arranged in a triangular pattern. Structurally, the house seems to be composed of a series of wooden assemblies that come together to form a big structure. The interior is located in the east and the west and the house is not mobile. Elements such as the internal circulation and the main entrance are located in the north. The location of the windows and doors is very important in this case because they allow natural light to get in and they let the inhabitants experience this natural surroundings.{found on designboom}

Small Stone House That Combines Wood And Concrete Photo 4