In Belgium, Zecc Architects have built a very interesting house. Located in Brussel, the Netherlands, this house has a tall vertical wall which is a part of the large floor plan. This element divides the space of the house and it provides access to all the roof terrace and the pool. The access to the house is made through a slim corridor that connects the gym and the living room with the dining room and kitchen.

The narrow and long corridor can be seen here. The first thing that you see is the kitchen which opens to the dining area. It has a long countertop which perfectly matches the floor. Then the kitchen opens to another private space, hidden from the exterior. There you can find the master bedroom with its en-suite bathroom, a sauna and a walk-in closet. The house also has a workroom with a desk and a small lounge area with views over the street.

The second floor can be accessed via a suspended staircase. Here you can find an open floor plan that contains the kitchen, living room and the dining area. Two lounge areas separate from the kitchen. This area can be found above the door that separates the kitchen from the living room. It features floor-to-ceiling windows and it’s ideal for watching TV. It might be a small room but it’s perfect for the owners of the house.