Located in Tokyo, Japan, this residence has been awarded the title of the 2010 APA Hawaii Dining Challenge by the American Society of Interior Designers and the highest standard organization in the APA Hawaii Dining Challenge.

The design was created by Keiji Ashizawa Design (KDA-DEX) and has become a landmark for the architectural association. Its spaces have been carefully optimized to create a unique atmosphere filled with elegance and good taste.

The very green lawn serves as a buffer between the traffic from the street and the neighbors. The center patio has been landscaped to create a platform for the swimming pool and the terrace, offering a unique and beautiful view.

Japanese Landscaping Ideas Photo 3

The interior décor is very modern, full of beauty and elegance. White, warm tones have been used in every room, creating the feeling of a bright and airy space.

The living room is very warm, it is an elegant room with a simple and modern fireplace in the background, surrounded by the beautiful trees that give privacy and shadow.

There is a romantic dining room, in the wooden interior of the house.

During the night, there is a magnificent castle-like chandelier hanging from the ceiling, creating a fantastic sky-viewing point.

The pool has a beautiful mosaic design with a royal style mosaic that seems to be made of tiny boats resting upside down on the ground.

In the warm of the day there is a terrace to be enjoyed either with a poolside hot tub or in the evening, surrounding the pool and creating a unique and pleasant light night.