Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Japanese Landscaping Ideas

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this residence has been awarded the title of the 2010 APA Hawaii Dining Challenge by the American Society of Interior Designers and the highest standard organization in the APA Hawaii Dining Challenge. The design was created […]

Front Porch Topiary Gardens

Papels are great for covering the surface of the porch. They can be made in various shapes and colors and they allow us to create wonderful, exotic and exquisite décors. For those living in the city, a wooden topiary garden […]

Pretty Mail Box Design

This is an unconventional mail box design. It’s not the most commonly used type of mailbox and this is something that might bother you. It’s why this is such a unique and original idea. It’s a minimalist mailbox with a […]

Vertical Garden In An Urban Environment

In an effort to create some contrast and to bring more natural light into the complex, the architect Estúdio Martins have integrated a vertical garden into a concrete bunker. It sits in the backyard and it’s surrounded by a wooden […]