Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Garden Art Ideas From Across The Globe

There’s something about gardens and outdoor spaces that really brings out the best in anything and anything. I mean, things like having a vegetable garden in the kitchen or a grotto or a kid’s rock garden? What a great way […]

Tiny Shelves By Gabrielle Condon

This is a collection of small shelves, of different dimensions and designed by Gabrielle Condon. It was created as an accent piece for the bathroom. The collection was designed especially for small spaces, meant to be multifunctional spaces such as […]

Can Ants Drown In The Lake

Located in the heart of the Carpinteria Mountains, in Australia, this unusual residence was built by local engineering firm Rachcoff Vella Architecture. In order to have a clear view of the beautiful lake from inside the house, the architects decided […]

Emty Frames House By Roger Christ

The Emory Stray Furniture Company was formed in 2004 by two architectural artists, Mogens Mandrup and Toni Sabatino. They do an amazing job in creating simple and timeless furniture which is easy to integrate in any interior décor. This beautiful […]

Garden Pathway Design With A Twist

We love the look of a garden pathway. It has the potential to bring out the beauty in everything surrounding it and it fits in perfectly with a variety of styles and interiors. A beautiful garden pathway can take many […]

Dining Table Vase

Yesterday was the first day of summer and I noticed that the weather was fine and the temperature was perfect for eating and spending a nice dinner. So I took advantage of this great situation and took advantage of last […]