If you are living in an apartment and have no problem with outdoor decorations, then you can choose to make a big bow with some pillows and decorative items, and then decorate your balcony, deck or garden with the same items. This will give you the necessary space to display the Christmas ornaments, even if you are not a fan of the lamp.The balcony is also a perfect place to display the carved Christmas tree which will give you a real show piece. If you have a small balcony , it is even better because you can use it as you like, when you can come home and decorate it as you wish.

If you are scared of complicated things or complicated projects, usually the people who work with this kind of problems find an expert who can make you an exact design or a close representation of the intended product.

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The same thing can be said about people who work with very little money, but who are able to create a beautiful and original place.

In this case the designer Pablo Queiroga seems to have met the true challenge of decorating the balcony in the most expensive way, by using a lot of gold. What is really interesting is the fact that you can find this gold trimming kit in the designer’s own store, where you can purchase it for $92. You simply must be careful when you want to use it, as it is a bit heavy to have in the table lamp.

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