Designed by Emma Cooper, this modern textile pendant lamp was created from recycled eggs. Fresh and clean, its exterior is actually made from high density growth polyethylene plastic. It has a nice colour for making a lovely pendant lamp over any kind of room.

It is designed in a playful manner so as to make you smile as it looks small andnered light. There is a butterfly moulded on top, so it will bring a wonderful, cool air into your room. If you are worried about saving energy, you should know that this particular pendant lamp uses E27 pennies.

It does not look like a very good choice for a modern home because of your lack of space, but if you are creative enough and you have some free time because nowadays there was a growing trend of designing people’s furniture according to their own personality, this beautiful pendant lamp could look really great in your empty bedroom or living room.

Pendant Lamp Shades By Emma Cooper At Home Photo 3

Pendant Lamp Shades By Emma Cooper At Home Photo 4