Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Pendant Lamp Shades By Emma Cooper At Home

Designed by Emma Cooper, this modern textile pendant lamp was created from recycled eggs. Fresh and clean, its exterior is actually made from high density growth polyethylene plastic. It has a nice colour for making a lovely pendant lamp over […]

Sunroom Couch From Seagrass

I do not like very many things that do not fit in my home anymore. For example there are a lot of unknown things that have nothing to do with the comfort of those who used to live in those […]

Furniture For Sunroom

A comfortable sofa is always a good choice for a sunroom. Sofas are meant to be used as individual pieces but they are usually all lined up and somewhere between two seats. They are usually placed in front of the […]

Hanging Lights Shades By Riofrio+Rodrigo

Riofrio+Rodrigo have created the Hanging Lines for Lago Foundation as part of the Casa Decor 2010 held in various cities throughout the Americas. The line consists of overhead lighting designed to create a pleasant atmosphere. Interested in getting your own […]

Outdoor Bed By Jafeid

We all try to feel like a couple at home and for this we need a bed, but the bed seems to be more of a sofa, so it’s only a piece of furniture that is always missing something. We […]

Hanging Lamp Shades By Rio Freitas

Man has always been fascinated by different things like the way he decorated his ablue green clothes or the way he made of his raw materials so that he could use them for all kind of practical things like paper, […]