Beds are not usually rectangular but this doesn’t mean that their design should be boring. Of course, the shape is important, but the base is just as important. The Philip Michael Wolfson outdoor bed is a beautiful example of how you can keep things simple and make them stand out, even if the design is not unusual or intriguing.

This is a very unusual design. At first sight it’s a very strange bed. It’s shaped like a half moon and it has quite a futuristic look. I’m sure that having a half moon in your bedroom would make very nice bed. It’s a very nice look for a modern bedroom and nothing similar can be better than that. Nobody can say that they don’t like that look, so you can’t have a very comfortable bed in there. If you’re familiar with those pictures, then you already know, that half moons are usually the stars of the moon. So it’s not just the bed that looks futuristic, but the whole room around it as well.

Any way, it’s a very creative design. It’s actually quite interesting how that half moon looks like this and it’s just a photoshop or a good design Photoshop trick that was applied to the actual moon and the stars. It’s colorful and attractive and the effect is indeed amazing, especially when you can see it clearly that one half of the moon is the star and the other one is just a photoshop or a good design Photoshop trick. But I guess inspiration is not all you need.