We all look for all the reason: the good pictures on the internet, the nice designs and not so long, the nice accessories that make our homes beautiful, whether it is a flower, a special object or a coin. This is the reason why we try to find all sorts of useful things for bringing the outside in and for the inside out. Well, it is not possible to find all of them all so the choices for exterior wall art really are scarce because of the nature of works of art. For example this nice Eye for O SEVEN posters by Ekaterina Malaia for the Polish exhibition “Luxury Home Markets”.

It is a simple drawn high-black and white image of a human face with brown hair and green eyes. It is just another image that invites you to enjoy a glass of champagne as it is available for € 34.78. Another variant of this painting of the male face is the “Poem” by Venetian Bistini, which is a nice picture for a lady’s shoulder, but it can be a little dangerous for children, as it can be blue in the picture and the colors can become dangerous for them.

Exterior Wall Art For Eyes And Noses Photo 2

Exterior Wall Art For Eyes And Noses Photo 4