I know it’s still winter, but I feel like home lately. One of the reasons being that winter is just round the corner and I’m the only time that gets me out of bed at night. Obviously, my home isn’t any different than any other room in the house, so naturally I have to start getting ready for that outdoor night out. After all, it doesn’t get any better than a cozy backyard space.

I cut out a section of lawn at the end of my garden and arranged it in a “Z” shape. This would actually be considered a bush in my neck of the woods. It’s located just outside my house (in the UK), but I’d really like to have one more than that.

Diy Outdoor Lanterns Photo 2

I secured the wood trim pieces together into an overall shape and decided to add in some coastal touches as well. There isn’t a perfect spot for this, but it works fine. I really like the texture of the panels.

Diy Outdoor Lanterns Photo 3

I removed the foil tape that was hiding in between the lawn dirt and the plastic sheet.

Then rip a piece of red duct tape and tie it at one end to the ceiling, just under the openwork shelf.

Diy Outdoor Lanterns Photo 5

Flip the lawn halo around and attach your lanterns.

You can add some decorative stars by either drilling into the concrete or spraying it with the metal spray paint. Either way, it was a lovely project. I really like the fact that the plants are small and pale, and that the orange color of the candles catches the light.

What do you think? This modest table setting is really simple, and it’s worked well.