Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Shoe Stand By Marcantonio Bonacina

Marcantonio Bonacina designed the Positano chair. A beautiful chair, perfect for the bathroom, simply has aplomb a wide basket or a “lobby” in which to store shoes.The same chair was designed in the dining room as well, and it is […]

Vertical Garden Planters By Peter Voss

Peter Voss has created these vertical garden planters that look like leaf hattops that are made of wood and that can be painted in any color or finish to coordinate with your landscape. If you desire a deeper knowledge of […]

Apartment Hammock For Kids

If you’re a parent then you probably wish you went to the countryside and you could pick fruit trees. Well, that’s not true. It’s also true that if you’re a kid and you want to pick fruit trees you should […]

Plate Holder Cabinet By Owen Stager

Oyster is a very cute and small dish rack that makes very practical use of small spaces. We all have small homes. However, there’s usually some space we don’t use for something so small that someone has to come up […]

Folding Desks

When you’re working at home, privacy is always a big problem. Most of the time, the desks are in the same place. Sometimes it’s ok to make a few changes. Just to make the room a little less austere and […]