Where do you keep your pair ofskippers when you go to the pub? That is a quite common question for people who like to dress up their boots or have a whole family. The next best thing for an all female home is a shoe rack. Let me introduce you to something special and unexpected – the “ShoeStand” designed by Duqueen Poltronieri .

As you can see from the pictures, this is a sort of shelf that has some space left over for shoes. For a moment we assume it is made of some “snow” wood planks because it is surrounded by “ground” with brickwork. It does not seem like a disaster any way and if we take a closer look at it the shelves are actually pointing in opposite directions, each one being marked by “wheat” sandblasting.

Shoe Stand By Duqueen Poltronieri Photo 2

The shoes have several wooden shelves that take us to another world and show us only the way they have been taken home. The ShoesStand not only offers a place to deposit all your shoes but also it has a large shelf where to keep the shoes dry. What is even more interesting is the fact that you can have all kinds of shoes and other accessories and places to store them: a coat rack, a shoe rack, a utility store, a jacket rack and even a bookshelf. It’s unique and beautiful and you can now purchase it for 35 pound.

Shoe Stand By Duqueen Poltronieri Photo 3