How cool is it to have a bedside table that’s not just a big “room” with a bed and a nightstands? It’s something I would never want to see… but you can see why. The new Trani collection of bedside lamps from Trani mixes different geometry and materials to create something totally unique. Beautiful and functional, the Trani is a contemporary design of flexible shapes that can be configured in different combinations for a cool bedside “room” look.

Rock, wood, or glass, these everyday items are as comfortable as they are eye-catching. That’s the idea behind this cool, modern bedside lamp from the new Artek. The design, made from durable volcanic stone, white roderad stone and natural balds, can be ordered in full size (six options) or simple lamps, sold in small (five) sizes. Great colors, bold lines and clean spaces make a great lighting statement!

Sometimes the best way to make a great bedroom design statement is to add a big of eye-catching art. Large rock pieces like this one from the Dana Store get their splash of color from a behind-the-hol surface.

Unique Bedside Lamps From Trani Photo 3

Darling Furnishings

If you’re a fan of distressed furniture, you’ll love this Sunroom collection from Colboc. The designs are a combination of chippy, worn metal and shiny, polished wood. As you can see in the photo below, the items are stackable, which means they can be stashed in the closet whenever they’re not used.

So, yes, that is a shelf! But it serves so many purposes. One of them is a really cool planter, and you can use it to get some green, dill and tangerine or pot of succulents.

Furniture Made for Entertaining

We end with some of the most cool blended pieces of furniture decor from various furniture makers. The result is a design that speak to each and every decor enthusiast, and it just happens to be that useful. Take a cue from the fringe sofa from MIA + Boffi!

This special edition galaxy coffee table from Luncholux is perfect for a space that includes a lounge area as well as a dining space. The design truly lets your coffee table shine, and its trim and subtle gold trim color option gives it an extra special look.

One of the best furniture pieces that is best for a cool, contemporary space is the vintage coffee table from Luncholux. It’s more than just another piece of cool furniture, by the way! We love the actual design of the coffee table, which is far more scrumptious than it looks from afar. The top is made from gold leaf and the legs are made from solid mango wood.

Furnishings of all kinds were plentiful, including tortoise-covered skulls and coast-inspired metal furniture. We’re loving the sheer amount of designs available for free, including the Stokke table and Stokke chairs.

As you can see from all of these decor options, there are so many ways to add cool furniture to your space if you can afford it. From big pieces to small touches, the choices presented here are many, many different.