The hutch cabinet is a very simple but also very beautiful piece of furniture. It’s a creation of the Spanish designer Keya Samana. It’s a very simple cabinet but the simplicity it displays is also very beautiful. Moreover, it has a versatile design that makes it great for both indoor and outdoor spaces.The cabinet has a minimalist design. It has a geometrical shape and clean lines. However, the interior of the cabinet is not entirely covered in plastic. In fact, there’s a sort of transparent screen that covers the top part of the cabinet. It’s a very smart idea. It allows you to preserve the original look of the cabinet without using unnecessary materials or features.

The screen is an addition that can be added to any conventional cabinet. All you need is an old furniture piece that can no longer serve as a home library. You can buy the cabinet and place it anywhere you want. Its original look should be preserved. Also, this item can be sued as a display space for decorations or accessories.

The interior of the cabinet is divided into five shelves. The overall dimensions of the hutch are 59.125 square inches and it comes in two color options: black and white. The screen is removable and it has a polyurethane finish. The interior is divided into two sections. There’s a place to display the plates and there’s also space to store the other things. The cabinet’s dimensions are 59.125 x 17 x 72 inches. It has a plastic shelf, polyester foam padding, adjustable plastic feet, screw-in hooks, a lift activation switch and a gravity pull. The cabinet’s price is $134.99.