Paris based interior designers Nichelle and Eliand, have designed this beautiful girls bedroom ideas from The Maison Gabrielle and Eliand in Paris, France.

The core of the design is a versatile and multifunctional piece of furniture that can be used as a bed, desk, shelving or storage space. The center of the room gets night time light and it also includes a TV area, perfect for watching TV in bed or in the living room.

The girls bedroom uses color for all its rooms, and the bedrooms stand out for their playful and eclectic design. The design puts together a bed and a desk, which can be used at the same time. The bed’s headboard is placed in the middle of the room, offering the possibility of using the remaining wall as a playground for the kids. The desk is very useful as it saves space in the bedroom and can be easily folded and stored away.

Girls Bedrooms Designs From The Maison Gabrielle And Eliand Photo 3

The Christian Louvre bedroom.

The space to waste when buying furniture is not very wide, giving the buyers a perfect opportunity for being creative and using the available space in various interesting ways.

In this children’s bedroom design by Think Studio, the center of the wall is occupied by a desk and chairs, with a staircase on the side that leads up to the beds. The main design feature is a sort of box that features a staircase and a desk underneath and which can be used for hiding homework, art supplies, etc.

The race car bedroom.

The bedroom is usually a boys room, especially when it refers to the race cars. However, if the bedroom is designed to be a relaxing and soothing space for the families with children, then it would have to be perfect for a race car theme.

Here, the bedroom\\s focal is the racing car theme with custom bed designs and matching mirrors and dressers. There’s also a small raceway-inspired den with a tree-trunk headboard and minimalist furniture.

The soft and peaceful beach house bedroom.

The beach house is definitely a dream bedroom. The coastal décor definitely creates a calm atmosphere while the colors are relaxing and soothing. The colors used here are light and simple and the decorations are meant to create a relaxing ambiance.

Colorful bedding and pillows and a bold wall hanger.

The main color used for the interior design of this beach house bedroom is white. It was used on the walls, ceiling, furniture and even for the bedding. The room also gets its accent color from the wall tiles. In combination with the blue ceiling and the blue dresser and nightstands, the whole décor is relaxing and soothing.

Even though the room is not clearly delineated between the sleeping area and the bathroom, the ambiance is very pleasant and relaxing. Also, the bathroom features a very beautiful sink with a delicate shape that is meant to amplify the room, just like the white walls.

Colorful accessories.

Besides the main colors used for the interior décor, the other accent colors needed for this room are green and yellow. In combination with the green vanity, the yellow accessories change the mood and make the whole décor stand out. The rug has a very nice texture and contrasts with the wall painting but it also maintains the harmony of the whole décor.

Orange and gray.

We have also seen that green and yellow are very beautiful accent colors but there’s also another more exotic color, 3rd dimension coloring. In this case, the nuance used is orange. It adds dynamism to the décor and it’s also fun to play with. Yellow is also a color that can be combined withige, brown or white and the combination will always be beautiful.

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