If you are one of those people who are always looking for a new way of decorating your house, this might be the perfect option. In this case, you will definitely be amazed to see that it is indeed a very useful way of creating a unique interior décor, full of character.

In order to be able to do this, you will need to have in the house some specially designed mouldings for the walls. These mouldings are called shiplap and they are produced by a company called Mechanical Square. They are usually made of wood which is melted in special ways and then uses some other non-aque coating that may be added after it which fades in the sun. This way the pattern is invisible and the effect is impeccable.

In an unrestricted area of the house, every wall will be treated as a mosaic, because this will transform the house into one you can paint in a single color or perform other actions like painting the staircase, fixing the gardens, choosing the colors of the furniture, the curtains, the carpets, etc.

Shiplap Kitchen Wall Inside Of A University Lacquered Aluminium Cabinet Photo 3

If you want to choose the right wallpaper, you have several options. On the one hand you have the choices of the traditional papier-mâché pattern that can be very modern on the one hand, or the realistic non-paint version which is colored and smoother on the other. In this case you need to be very careful when choosing the color of the wallpaper as it may affect the design and the final result.

Usually shiplap features are lighter and bright colors, but if you are used with a dark decor, you should use deeper colors, like salmon. You can also have a grey-blue color of wallpaper, very common in the beach houses and coastal shops in this area. If you are the traditional type, shiplap features usually come in brown colors, very common in family homes.