What would our lives be without ‘hanging out’? Whether it is the paper napkin, the survey kitty, the doctor, our children’s science fiction books or the newspaper. Our homes hold our dreams, we pr O ourselves, we light our own show and hold our loved ones in awe.

So why not bring the fun, swing and daydream into our homes as well with some table runner ideas? The key is to think beyond the usual and change the format.

1. Checkerboard.

This classic look provides a certain wholesome appeal and funky energy. It evokes the magic of a playground without being too kidish. In fact, it can actually generate some very creative and edgy ideas!

2. Simple it.

If you want something with a bit of an ‘invisible’ quality, then cut up a rectangle and run with it! It provides a great, cool background for your tray and a surface to setup your drink glasses on.

3. Alternate it.

A different way to show off your napkin ring, but with a little style and detail, alternate the colors, shapes and sizes. It’ll create a more eclectic atmosphere no matter what your theme or vision may be.

4. Circle cutting.

Take your larger dining table to the next level by cutting your triangles into it. It’ll be so modern and add a lot of confidence to your home’s decor.

5. Deco pieces.

You may even want to show off your trim pieces by creating different faces and designs. Give your room a bit of unexpected and fun flair by simple cutting and fun trimming!

6. Nail Catch.

Here’s a play on the classic nail catchall piece. It’s functional and a super fun addition to the home. You may want to frame it, display it or lean it up against the wall.

7. Funky wood.

We love the mixing and matching of wooden decor. It’s family-friendly and the variety of designs make it a fun look for the home. From solid pieces to plastic covers, some funky pieces will definitely get noticed.

8. Vintage little plans.

What’s great about these little pieces is that they’re so a bit retro. They’ll fit in with your style or theme. And you can make them all the same size or do something eclectic, play around with the shapes and colors, really invent the look and create a funky little piece of home decor.