This innovative piece of furniture was designed by Paolo Ulian and Giorgio Di Nicuci for the 2014 Isla Mirrored Dining Table exclusive. Available as a table or a suspension, the Isla Mirrored Dining Table is an unusual piece of furniture with a modern and revolutionary design.

The table’s thin and robust lines are complemented by the flexible reflective chrome legs that support it. The reflective surface of the table is the perfect background for the stylish and artistic chairs that complement it. The dining table presented here features a round top which can be separated and reorganized in a way that allows it to always be used as a separate table.

The reflective chrome legs reflect the light and create a very interesting visual effect when seen from above. The table is made of tempered glass and polypropylene, for a strong and durable construction. It’s a great statement piece that would look great not only in dining rooms but also in offices, hotels and many other spaces.

The Tableo series of tables includes several other pieces such as the Side table, the Coffee table, the Side table, the Living Room coffee table or the El Table which is the larger and also has a reflective surface. The collection also includes the mirrors, the sideboard and even the End table. They all share similar designs and similar details and they come in numerous colors and color combinations.