Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Vertical Gardens Walls By Ikamt Soil Architects

Ikamt Soil Architects have designed a vertical garden wall along an urban setting in Tokyo, Japan. The vertical garden wall is an interesting twist on traditional gardening concepts of “wireless” gardening. The interesting angled shape of this multi level garden […]

Stone Wall Bathroom From Mimodo

Bathrooms are usually not very large and there’s not much space for them. However, after a while you realize that your bathroom needs more than the bathtub and shower. It’s time for a makeover. For example, this particular bathroom features […]

Taupe Bathroom Interiors From Nova Design

I’ve always liked the combination of colors that includes white and brown. It’s such a clean and peaceful décor. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add some color. In fact, in this case we have a beautiful bathroom interior with […]

Concrete Ceilings From Mf+arquitectos

This particular house has a perfect design and structure, with a simple and clean architecture. It’s located in San Isidro, Riviera Maya, Mexico, and it was designed and built by mf+arquitectos, part of a project meant to help the students […]

Beige Bedroom

The next bedroom could be the perfect place for relaxation if you need some time alone, or maybe you want to feel better, better and cozier. It has a beautiful light brown color, which makes the bedroom look cute and […]

Scary Pumpkins Drawings By A+Z Design

These funny pumpkins are designed by A+Z Design and are drawings inspired by the witch and her hen. For the lovely image representing the witch I must make you an example of my own personal life. Let’s take a look […]