I’ve always liked the combination of colors that includes white and brown. It’s such a clean and peaceful décor. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add some color. In fact, in this case we have a beautiful bathroom interior with color on the walls and on the floor. It’s a small bathroom but it has an airy and spacious look.

The bedroom has been decorated with shades of brown. There’s also a portion of the bedroom that includes a desk and a chair. This is a modern and minimalist room with a simple but eye-catching décor.

The bathroom features taupe walls. There are white tiles on the floor and white stripes on the wall. As you can see, there’s not much color in there. It’s why the décor is so fresh and relaxing. taupe is a shade inspired by water and it can be seen in all the rooms, including the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room.

The bedroom is very simple. It features taupe walls, white sides and a white ceiling. The bed also has brown and white pillows and a small purple lamp hanging from the wall.

Also, the living room is also very calm. It has white walls and taupe furniture. Everything is neat and organized and none of the items seem out of place. That’s mostly because all the decorations are white and minimalist.{found on inspirationsdeco}.