Bathrooms are usually not very large and there’s not much space for them. However, after a while you realize that your bathroom needs more than the bathtub and shower. It’s time for a makeover. For example, this particular bathroom features a very unusual décor. It was a makeover and renovation was needed in order to give it a fresh new look.

The renovation of the bath was major. The plaster walls have been covered with stone and the new design has created a very interesting contrast. Since it was necessary, it has been partially replaced by glass. The change was major and the new décor is much more appealing now than before. The basement became black and ugly, the bathroom had to be replaced with a green one and the plaster walls became white. Finally, the bathroom, shelves and countertops have been replaced with the same ones.

The new design is not only simpler and funnier but also more functional and space-saving. The white subway tiles were replaced by natural wood in the bathroom as well as with the sink and floating shelves. The walls became white and the tiles became fresh again. The only materials that were preserved during the renovation were the old fireplace, the old oak flooring and the metal staircase from the attic. All these changes that had to be made were big sacrifices and they have been compensated with elegant new additions. The new bathroom is more functional and now it’s almost unrecognizable from the old one.{found on ikeahackers}