Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Stone Wall Bathroom From Mimodo

Bathrooms are usually not very large and there’s not much space for them. However, after a while you realize that your bathroom needs more than the bathtub and shower. It’s time for a makeover. For example, this particular bathroom features […]

Taupe Bathroom Interiors From Nova Design

I’ve always liked the combination of colors that includes white and brown. It’s such a clean and peaceful décor. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add some color. In fact, in this case we have a beautiful bathroom interior with […]

Wall Decals Patterns For Kids

Decals have become extremely popular, especially in the case of the kids. They are very easy to make and they draw little attention when looking at them. But as you may have realized, this is not a good thing. Children […]

Ocean Houses By Christopher Polly Architect

The Oceanside House in Phuket, Thailand was designed by Christopher Polly Architect. Completed in 2012, this contemporary vacation home is located in a natural environment, an oasis devoid of activity and noise. The Oceanside House by Christopher Polly Architect: “Our […]

Powder Room And Bath Remodel

This bath and powder room has been recently completed by Bayden Goddard Design Architects. It is located in San Francisco, California, USA, and it has a very modern and chic interior. Besides having a beautiful interior, the clients are also […]

Rainbow Room Decor Ideas From ?

Today we decided to show you a few quick and funny ideas fromainteriors. The cabinets from the hallway or in the kitchen could use a rainbow color scheme.This cool set features seven different shades of the rainbow.You can also create […]

Bedroom Drawing Room Interior Design

The idea behind this bedroom drawing room interior design is that you can see yourself as a marine officer inspecting the stations on a ship or under the command of a commanding officer checking the safety of your ship. Its […]

Hexagonal Tile With Marble Texture

If you’re looking for a creative way of decorating your home, try this beautiful and simple hexagonal tile with marble texture. In fact, this is a transitional area rug which would look great in a modern or contemporary home or […]

Geo Pattern From Memo

The Geo Pattern by Memo is a collection of letters that are arranged in space in 3-D. The design was originally designed for adobe mosaic production. The palette of letters has many colors combinations and there can be found red, […]